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I talk about writing, planning stuff, upload vlogs from time to time, and plan to add a lot more content in the future! Subscribe and hit the notification bell to keep up!


About Story Nerd Studio

 The Story Nerd Studio is based out of Fort Worth, Texas and run by S.M. Butler, a NYT and USA Today bestselling author. Story Nerd Studio was born of a love and desire for writer-related planner paraphenelia. Unable to find such things in any real quantity, Suzan decided to make her own planner stuff to plan out her days and keep all the things straight in her work planner. The Story Nerd Studio website will also be home to her webstore, once it’s launched.

Now she makes her stuff available to other writers who love planning as much as she does.

 Filming Setup

Perfect for filming top down videos or an informal vlog.

Note about this one: I actually use the R500 but that’s because I’m cheap and don’t want to upgrade a camcorder that works perfectly well. This is the newer version of the one that I have.

I ADORE this camera. It’s lightweight, small, and takes amazing pictures and video. Only thing is I can’t attach an external mic to it, but it has pretty good audio by itself anyway.

Note on this one: Mine is older (bought about 6 years ago) but this is almost exactly what I got at about the same price.

I bought this one for use with my camcorder just so I didn’t have to edit the audio as much in my videos.

Great for beginning lighting. They’re small, portable, and easy to use. But I think I’ll be saving to switch to ring lights eventually. With dimmable settings.